February 16, 2022

Protecting Your Engagement Ring

February is a big month for proposals. If congratulations are in order for you, here is what you should know about protecting your engagement ring.


1. Keep your ring sparky clean.

It sounds simple and easy, but it is usually best not to try and DIY your ring cleaning. Rings are extremely precious and sentimental, so it is important that they are properly cleaned by an expert jeweler.


2. Keep your ring away from harsh chemicals.

When cleaning or coming into contact with harsh chemicals of any kind, it is best to temporarily remove your ring and keep it in a safe place until you are done. Cleaning agents like bleach can damage and dull the finish of the stone.


3. Be careful of daily wear and tear.

While diamonds are very naturally durable, cut and polished diamonds can still chip if knocked against another hard surface. Keep them out of harm’s way whenever possible.


4. Consider coverage for loss or damages.

While homeowners and renters policies cover some belongings, you will likely need separate coverage for more expensive jewelry like an engagement ring. Providence Mutual offers a Scheduled Personal Property coverage for jewelry, along with a handful of other options for protecting your ring. Visit our website for more information, and talk to your independent agent about how to best protect your property.


Whether you are newly engaged or married for many years, put our tips for protecting your engagement ring to use, and keep your precious memento beautiful for years to come.