Renter’s Insurance

An apartment is still a home.

Protect your place and your belongings.

When you move into your new apartment, make sure renter’s insurance is on your checklist. Renter’s insurance protects your belongings, living expenses if your apartment is damaged and provides protection in the event of a personal lawsuit or injury — for about 50 cents per day.

Personal PropertyPersonal Belongings You’ve invested a lot into your belongings — time, money and memories — don’t put them at risk to any exposures in your apartment. We cover your stuff from theft, fire, smoke, wind and some water damage — even outside of your place.Personal Liability If you’re found responsible for damage to the building or to another individual, your policy will provide you with legal assistance and protection. It’ll also cover medical bills to a visitor or guest in the event of an injury.
Additional Living Expenses If your building becomes uninhabitable due to an event covered by your policy, we’ll cover temporary hotel costs and food.

Sometimes, you need more coverage for your stuff and peace of mind. We offer special endorsements to protect your belongings from a variety of different exposures and can save you money:

Windward Deluxe Endorsement You’ll receive increased limits for money, jewelry (including misplacing or losing an item), water back-up and special computer coverage.Equipment Breakdown When you furnish your new apartment, you may purchase the best of the best — very expensive appliances. Equipment Breakdown coverage can repair or replace your appliances and save you money.
Renters + Auto Bundle You can also save money on your policy when you combine your renter's and auto policy.

We’re more than an insurance company — we’re your safety blanket when life’s unexpected events occur. Work with your independent agent to talk about how we protect your property.