Looking back on our history. Looking forward to the future.


Where We Were

On October 27, 1800 the Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company was chartered for the mutual security and protection of community members’ property from loss. In our first year of business operations, we wrote 131 policies with a total property value of $221,000 — only homes within a ten mile radius of Providence were eligible.

Seven years later, the Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company expanded its eligibility and decided to work exclusively with independent agents.

For over 200 years, our company has seen a variety of devastating losses — the Sterling Cotton Manufacturing Company, the Great Nantucket Fire, the Hurricane of 1938, the Great Worcester Tornado, the Blizzard of 78 and Hurricanes Carol, Edna, Hugo, Bob, Andrew, Earl, Irene and Superstorm Sandy — and we’re still here, financially strong.


Where We’re Going

Today, as the nation’s fifth oldest insurance company, we underwrite nearly $100,000,000 in written premium in diverse classes of business including homeowners, automobile and small commercial lines. Our long-term strategy is to continue writing personal and small commercial insurance through selected independent agents in the Northeast while enjoying strong financial positioning and maintaining a focus on intuitive technology, customer service and delivery of superior claims handling.

We understand the insurance industry is changing — consumer shopping habits are continually evolving as are new opportunities for the development of insurance products. We will continue to respond to this changing environment in order to best serve our policyholders and their needs.