Condo Insurance

When everything else is taken care of, protect what’s on the inside.

When you purchase a condo, you belong to a condo association. Your association has a master policy that covers the property, the physical structure of the condos and the common area — you’re responsible for protecting the inside of your property. Whether you own a condo, townhouse, duplex or other co-op, protect what you love with condo insurance.

Our coverage includes:

Condo StructureYour Part of the Building: Your condo’s master policy will cover the physical part of the building, while your Condo policy will cover the inside walls, ceiling, floors, additions, alterations and upgrades you make to your unit.Personal Property: Your belongings – furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, décor, etc. – are covered under your policy, even if they not in your unit. If you have high value items such as jewelry, fine arts and electronics, talk to your agent about higher limits.
Additional Living Expenses: If a covered loss prevents you from living in your unit, we will provide payment for temporary housing and food costs.Loss AssessmentLoss Assessment: When you have a Condo policy with us, we provide protection if your association needs to levy an assessment to its owners because of liability or property losses impacting the entire complex.
Personal LiabilityPersonal Liability: In our litigious society, you may need protection against lawsuits and injuries. Our coverage provides legal assistance and protection if you are responsible for bodily or personal injury to someone else.

We take coverage seriously and we protect our policyholders against unexpected disasters. We also provide additional coverage and bundles to your policy:

The Anchor AdvantageAnchor Advantage for Condos: When you add this endorsement, you can save up to 70% on coverages such as Personal Injury and add increased limits for Loss Assessment, money, jewelry, water back-up, business property and special computer coverage. This endorsement protects you from all types of perils, rather than the standard named perils.Equipment Breakdown: Appliances can be expensive — so can repairs. Equipment Breakdown coverage can repair or replace your appliances and save you money.
Condo + Auto Bundle: You can save on your policies when you combine your Condo and Auto insurance.