February 23, 2023

Is a dwelling fire policy right for you?

Dwelling Fire policies or, Landlord’s Insurance, covers much more than just fire. It protects property owners who rent out their homes, apartments, condos, or other buildings. If you’re a landlord or insuring any property that isn’t your primary residence, a Dwelling Fire policy helps protect you financially from damages or injuries related to a rental property.

A Dwelling Fire policy is important for landlords to carry because standard homeowners’ policies don’t usually cover homes being rented out.

The coverage combines both property and liability protection to protect you from potential losses. Like homeowners’ insurance, landlord insurance will protect your property against fire, lightning, wind, hail, etc. Liability covers you if a tenant or another person makes a claim against you for injuries sustained on your rental property.

The insurance will also help cover loss of income if your rental units become uninhabitable due to circumstances beyond your control.

To decide if a dwelling fire policy is right for you and determine the amount of coverage your property will need, contact your independent agent today.