December 8, 2021

Keeping Pets Safe During the Winter

Harsh winter weather is quickly approaching, and it is important to keep not just your own safety in mind, but also the safety of your pets. Here are some suggestions to consider when preparing your furry friends for winter.

1. Save the haircuts for spring.

Unless your pet has very long hair that can get matted or trap snow and ice, let it grow out for the winter season. A longer coat will provide more warmth. If your pet is long-haired, a small trim can minimize the clinging of snow and de-icing chemicals. If your pet has particularly short hair, consider getting them a coat or sweater to keep them warm.

2. Be careful on winter walks.

Snow, ice, and salt can be harsh on paws. There are many different kinds of boots available on the market if your pet wants to stroll in both warmth and style.

When you return from your walk, wash and dry your pet’s feet and stomach to remove ice, snow, salt, and chemicals. Check their paws for cracks or irritation.

3. Try to limit baths.

Washing your pets too often can strip skin oils and increase the likelihood of developing dry skin. When you do bathe them, make sure to use a moisturizing shampoo to avoid dryness.

4. Be careful with antifreeze.

Antifreeze can attract cats and dogs because of its sweet taste, but it is extremely dangerous if ingested. Make sure to clean up any antifreeze spills and keep all chemicals far from where your pets can reach.

5. Know your pet’s limits.

If it is too cold out for you, it is likely too cold for your pet. Keep in mind that older, short-haired, or very thin pets tend to get cold faster and more easily than others.


Keep these five tips in mind and enjoy fun winter festivities with your pets this year!