September 1, 2017

Closing Your Summer Home

With colder weather approaching, it may be time to close up your summer or rental home that you’ve spent the past few summer months enjoying. Before closing the door on yet another summer, make sure to take the proper precautions to ensure your home’s safety and survival for next year.

Turn off your water supply. Shutting off the main valve is your best protection against water damage while away from your home.

Remove perishable foods. Removing perishable items will prevent any pests from making themselves at home while you are away. If you choose to store perishable items in your freezer, make sure you use air-tight containers.

Unplug appliances. Appliances can be at risk of damage in the event of lightning strike if they are not unplugged.

Tell your neighbors. By telling your neighbors you’ve left the home for the summer, they can let you know if any suspicious activity takes place while you’re gone. Just make sure to inform them if you decide to have repairs or any modifications done to your house during this time period.

Secure your home. Locking doors and windows is an important safety measure to keep intruders out. If you have an alarm, be sure to turn it on and if you don’t have an alarm system, it may be worth the investment.

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