June 15, 2020

Business Cybersecurity Tips

As we all navigate these uncharted times together, hackers are discovering new ways to exploit cybersecurity vulnerabilities created by the current pandemic for individuals and businesses. According to a PropertyCasualty360, more than 1,200 complaints of COVID-19-related cybercrimes have been investigated by the FBI by the end of March. Protect your business and your remote workforce with these tips:

Protect your business and your remote workforce.

As COVID-19 impacted our lives, many businesses moved to an entirely remote workforce. For many businesses, remote work served as a novel environment that required fast adaptation. To enhance your cybersecurity in a remote environment, establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for your employees to utilize. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between the end-user and a remote server, adding an additional layer of security.

Also, ask your remote workforce to establish a secure at home Wi-Fi connection with a new password, not the default password provided.

Consider adding cloud storage as a backup location for your data. If your business experiences a cyberattack and your data or systems have been compromised, you will need to attempt to recover what you’ve lost. If you do not have backups, your data may be unrecoverable.

Educate your workforce.

Your employees serve as your frontline workers to protect or expose your business to a cyber attack. Hackers develop new social engineering and phishing attempts every day — your employees should identify and report any attempts they may see. Provide frequent training and social engineering tests to educate your employees on cybersecurity and cyberattack attempts.

Talk with your agent about Cyber coverage.

We’ve heard about some of the largest cyberattacks in the 21st-century — Equifax, Yahoo, and Target, to name a few. As a small business owner, your business is at risk, too. Talk to your agent about how you can enhance your cybersecurity and protect your clients’ data with Cyber coverage.