September 18, 2017

How To Stay Safe While Tailgating

There is nothing quite like spending some time grilling outside with your family and friends before enjoying a football game. While you are flipping those burgers and sipping on a cold beverage, you may also be exposing yourself to some elements of risk while tailgating. To ensure your safety and those around you during while tailgating and at the game, follow these simple safety tips:

Grill Safety

Practicing proper grill safety is important to everyone’s safety. You should always check for gas leaks or a loose gas hose before beginning to grill to avoid any disasters. Bringing along a fire extinguisher and first aid kit is an additional safety measure you can take to be prepared.

Designated Driver

Assigning a designated driver before the festivities begin is always a good game plan. If tailgating includes alcohol, assigning one person to be in charge of making sure everyone gets home safely gives you one less thing to worry about.

Protect/Hide Valuables

While you are enjoying your time at the game and with your friends, your valuables are at risk to criminals. Leaving these expensive items in plain sight in your car can also put them at risk, so it’s best to stow them away as best you can in compartments of your car.

Food Safety

Understanding how long and what temperature a food item should be cooked for could be the difference between a good tailgate and a bad one for everybody. In addition, properly storing foods beforehand can prevent bacteria from growing and once again ruining the party.

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