February 2, 2022

Super Bowl Safety

The Super Bowl is a huge night for any and all football fans, especially if your team is in the game. If you will be attending a party or having one of your own this year, consider our Super Bowl safety tips.


1. Celebrate responsibly.

Many Super Bowl events involve alcohol, so it is always recommended to use caution when drinking. This is especially important if you or someone you know will be driving to and from the event. Make sure to choose a designated driver, make use of ride sharing services in your area, or call a friend or family member to pick you up. Never drive while intoxicated or allow a friend to.


2. Drive with caution.

If you are the designated driver, be wary of danger on the road. Statistically, a lot of drunk driving occurs on Super Bowl Sunday, so be aware that other drivers around you may not have taken as many precautions as you have to stay safe. Be aware and alert, and always wear your seatbelt.

February in New England is also a prime time for snowy and icy roads. Keep this in mind and drive cautiously if your area has been impacted by winter weather.


3. Be a good host.

If you are the host of a Super Bowl event, you have some liability if anything were to happen. It is in your best interest to encourage responsible alcohol consumption and ensure that all of your guests have a safe way of getting home. Be prepared to help your party goers find safe methods of transportation back home, or allow them to stay overnight if necessary.


Everyone wins when celebrating safely and responsibly. Utilize our Super Bowl safety tips and enjoy the game!