July 20, 2019

Road Trip Tips for Your Next Adventure

Under the summer sun, a road trip can be an exciting, spontaneous and eye-opening experience. Whether you’re hitting the road alone or with a group of family and friends, here are a few tips to prepare yourself for the open road ahead:

Do your research.

Road trips can be exciting because they’re flexible and spontaneous — but you should prepare a plan for pit stops, weather conditions, and lodging. Do some research and plan what you’d like to see along the way, where you can stop to refuel and relax, and always have a backup map if you lose cell phone service. Be open to changes — you may stumble upon a beautiful monument or a popular local restaurant. Consider downloading road trip planner apps on your smartphone to help you create the perfect adventure.

Maintain your car.

Before you embark on your road trip, bring your car to a trusted mechanic. You should have your brakes, shocks, tire pressure and fluid levels inspected. Check your lights and turn signals as well — you’re more likely to be involved in an accident if you can’t signal to other motorists. Additionally, ask your mechanic to check your vehicle’s belts, hoses, and wiper blades for any damage.

Road trips can be tough on your car. Contact your agent about our Roadside Assistance program. While you’re exploring the U.S., you can travel with confidence knowing you have access to over 45,000 towing providers throughout the states. Not only will you have access to towing services, but you’ll also receive road service, extrication & winching, emergency delivery of supplies, tire, battery and lockout service.

Build a road trip emergency kit.

While you’re planning your new adventure, don’t forget to build a road trip emergency kit. You should have a first-aid kit, a fire extinguisher, reflective warning triangles, jumper cables, a flashlight, and extra batteries. Bring a phone charger (or a few!) with you while you’re using your smartphone GPS and keep a physical road map with you as a backup. At a minimum, you should have a gallon of water per person traveling with you on your road trip. You should also pack non-perishable snacks such as dried fruits, nuts, granola, crackers, and protein bars.

This summary is for general informational use only and may not include all relevant information.