April 29, 2020

Returning to Work

In the coming weeks, many businesses are preparing to resume operations as stay-at-home orders come to a close. However, returning back to work safely requires thoughtful and significant consideration. As we resume a new sense of normalcy, business leaders must implement new restrictions to keep their workforce, clients, and the general public healthy and safe.

As you create your business plan to return your staff back to work safely, consider the following questions*:

Returning to Work:

Creating a Safe Work Environment

Leading and Communicating with Your Staff

We’re all in unchartered territory during this unprecedented time, but we’re in this together. As many businesses reopen their doors and return back to work, we must continue to stay informed with public health recommendations by official health organizations.

*Each business is unique and will require different safety protocols. Follow health organization recommendations, such as the CDC, for protecting your workforce and the general public.