October 2, 2019

Halloween Decorations for Your Home

Skeletons, witches, and ghosts may be wandering around your neighborhoods soon. It’s time to plan out your Halloween decorations! Here are a few ideas for your home:

Decorate your porch.

One of the easiest ways to prepare your home for Halloween is to decorate your porch. Place some spooky pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns along your walkway, create an ominous environment with faux cobwebs and hang an eerie wreath on your door. However, if you do decorate your walkway and porch, be sure the path is clear of any tripping hazards.

Add some spooktacular outdoor decorations.

Ghosts, ghouls, goblins — galore! If you want the spookiest house on Halloween, visit your local retail store. You’ll find spooky outdoor Halloween decorations, such as zombie’s hands, skulls, and tombstones.

Planning to set up a haunted house on your property? While it may sound like a fun idea — and you may be the talk of the neighborhood — you should consider umbrella insurance. If any injuries occur, you may be liable.

Paint or carve some pumpkins.

Pumpkin painting and carving is a tradition when it comes to Halloween decorations. To impress your friends and family, here are a few pumpkin carving tips:

Throw a Halloween Decorations DIY party.

Who doesn’t love a DIY craft party? Get together with some friends and create Recycled Jar Jack O’Lanterns, Trick or Treat signs, and Witch Hat Luminaries.