December 4, 2019

Dangerous Toys to Avoid This Holiday Season

Toys, toys and more toys — the stores have stocked their shelves and the children eagerly await their gifts. If you’re shopping for children’s toys this holiday season, review the World Against Toys Causing Harm’s (W.A.T.C.H.) most dangerous toys list. According to W.A.T.C.H., toy-related injuries occur every three minutes. While you’re out shopping, shop defensively, look for potential hazards or dangerous toys and keep these tips in mind:

Injuries and Toys

Scooters, tricycles, balls, battery-operated toys, toy cars, and building sets cause the most injuries among children’s toys. If you are purchasing any of these items this holiday season, make your child aware of potential hazards. Reminder them to wear helmets and other safety gear while riding scooters, tricycles or bicycles.

Defective Toys

Sometimes, toys on the market are defective and potentially dangerous to your children. Even if the toy company’s design was deemed safe for children, there may be production mistakes while manufacturing the product. Parents.com provides access to hundreds of toy and product recalls for you to stay in the loop and keep your children safe.

Toys by Age

Additionally, age-appropriate toys are important for a number of reasons: safety, life-stage, development and more. Toys facilitate development by stimulating senses, engaging movement and encouraging exploration. It’s important to remember that young children should not be exposed to small toys or toys with small parts. Small toys and parts present choking hazards for children, especially since they are exploring their senses. If you’re shopping for a children’s toy, look for the age-recommendation on the label and consider the child’s habits and behavior. If the child has a tendency to play rough, evaluate the product for any sharp edges, small parts or any potential to cause harm. Even for older children, you should still evaluate products for potential hazards and educate your children on product safety.