July 18, 2022

How to Save on Your Electric Bill This Summer

Most of us look forward to summer every year, but when the temperature starts rising, so does your electric bill. Want to save on your bills but not compromise on staying cool? Use these easy tips to save on your electric bill this summer.


  1. Maintain your air conditioner.
    Maximizing the efficiency of your air conditioning unit is critical to keeping energy costs down. It is estimated that clearing a clogged air conditioner filter can save between 5 and 15% in energy use (Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships). It can also help your A/C system last longer.
  2. Unplug unused devices.
    Some idle devices that remain plugged into outlets or power strips can use ‘standby’ electricity that may run up your bill. Whenever you’re not using something, unplug it to avoid these extra costs.
  3. Make use of your ceiling fans.
    Ceiling fans use roughly 1/60th of the amount of energy that an air conditioner does! (N.E.E.P.) Even if it is not enough to substitute entirely for A/C, it can be used alongside air conditioning to help you cool the house with less energy usage.
  4. Close doors and unused vents.
    Save on your bill by only cooling the rooms you are using. Close vents and doors to all other rooms to help keep the warm air out and the cool in.
  5. Use your windows to your advantage.
    Open windows at night when it gets cooler and turn off the A/C. During the day, keep windows closed and blinds drawn to help stop the heat from entering.
  6. Consider switching to Energy Star appliances.
    Devices that meet the Energy Star standard are more energy efficient, and it is estimated that a certified Energy Star A/C system uses about 15% less energy that a traditional model, saving you some extra money.

You don’t have to break the bank to stay cool in your home this summer. Use our tips to save on your electric bill without sacrificing comfort!