December 12, 2017

Stay Safe During the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for shopping, laughter and parties with friends and family. The holiday lights and décor are out and we are all preparing for celebrations. Whether you are hitting the road to finalize your shopping list or preparing for a holiday party, take some precautions to make sure everyone remains safe this holiday season.

Decorate your tree accordingly. If you have small children or pets, limit the amount of lights and ornaments in easy-to-reach areas. Children and pets can be curious and want to play with the lights and ornaments, which pose a choking risk.

Secure or hide your electrical cords and sockets. Decorations are beautiful – fires are not. Do not overload your electrical sockets with lights from the tree, your décor and other miscellaneous items. An overloaded socket could cause a fire. Additionally, small children and pets may chew or play with electrical cords. Be sure you secure or hide them in an area where they do not pose a threat.

Check your tree. If you have an artificial tree, be sure that the label reads “Fire Resistant.” If you have a natural tree, be sure you are watering it daily. If the tree dries out, you could have be facing a serious fire hazard.

Limit your social media usage. During the holidays, thieves know there is a high probability of gifts — sometimes very expensive ones — waiting to be opened. Don’t give burglars the heads-up that you won’t be home by “checking-in” to your location on social media.

Plan package deliveries ahead of time. If you purchased a majority of your gifts online, customize your delivery times for when you are available to accept them or schedule a “Hold for Pickup” at your local post office. Porch robberies spike during the holiday season.

Lock your doors and windows. You may live in a safe neighborhood, but you should always lock your door. Burglars know that many people work during the day — a majority of burglaries occur between the hours of 10:00am – 3:00pm. According to ADT, a security company, 40% of all burglaries are termed as “no-force entries” because doors and windows were unlocked.

Photograph your tree. Keep the gifts hidden. Everyone loves seeing themed-trees and décor on social media — so do thieves. By showing your gifts under the tree, you may be providing an open invitation to burglars to target your home. Keep your gifts hidden until the eve of the holiday.

This summary is for general informational use only and may not include all relevant information.