President’s Message

providence mutual president presenting for president's club membersProvidence Mutual’s President’s Message

Today, tomorrow and the day after.

In 1800, our company was founded when a group of individuals gathered together to form a fire society based on the principals of mutual protection. Today, over two hundred years later, we still adhere to the proposition that a mutual insurance company assures service, security, and stability for its policyholders.

As one of the oldest mutual insurance carriers in the United States, we enjoy a solid tradition of financial stability while remaining intensely focused on today and the future. The marketplace continues to evolve and as a result, we invest in new technology and develop insurance products that meet the needs of today’s consumers.

Our independent agents are a customer’s best choice for sound, valuable insurance advice, and service. When you have a claim, you can count on us and your agent to help you during a time of need. With over two centuries of proven success and a vision for the future, Providence Mutual is a preferred choice for independent agents and their customers.

Sandy Parrillo, President & CEO of Providence Mutual