Your Excess Liability

What is an Umbrella policy?
Umbrella policies act as excess liability coverage over your home or auto insurance, or your commercial insurance if you own a business.

If Providence Mutual writes your primary insurance, we may be able to offer you this important excess liability protection. Consult your independent agent for eligibility and minimum coverage requirements.

Do I need an Umbrella policy?
If you are a party to a claim that is potentially greater than the liability limit on your home, auto or business insurance, an Umbrella policy can be your best protection.

Legal costs from a liability claim can be devastating. An Umbrella policy is valuable if you own a business, have young drivers, a pool or secondary home, rent property, or want extra protection for your assets.

Umbrella Policies – Extra protection for a catastrophic “Rainy Day”

Just as an Umbrella protects you from exposure to the elements, Umbrella insurance can protect you from exposure to costs resulting from your liability for loss or damage to others from a covered loss on an underlying policy like a homeowners or automobile policy. Sometimes called excess insurance, a Personal Umbrella policy is additional liability insurance over a person’s car or home insurance. A Commercial Umbrella policy may be excess over a Business Owners Policy or business auto insurance.

When a person or business is found liable for injury or damage to someone else, their primary insurance policy would pay first, up to its coverage limits if applicable. If there were additional costs or payment required beyond the limits of the primary or underlying policy, the Umbrella policy could pay up to its limit. An independent agent can discuss with you how Umbrella policies can respond in other ways to protect you.

Umbrella policies are written with a $1,000,000 liability limit, and higher limits may be available based on eligibility. They are very affordable, and an excellent safety net for those catastrophic claims that can be financially devastating. Ask your Providence Mutual agent to explain how Umbrella policies may benefit you or your small business.