Small Business Owners

What does Businessowners Insurance cover?
Businessowners Insurance can offer the protection every small business needs. Liability limits of up to $2,000,000 per person/$4,000,000 per occurrence are available.

Like every insurance policy, there are conditions and limitations that you should discuss with your Independent Insurance Agent, but an overview of BOP coverages include... MORE

Providence Mutual Protects Your Type of Business
Providence Mutual insures a variety of small businesses owned by individuals, LLC’s, partnerships and corporations…

Here is a sampling of the habitational, office, lessor’s risk, retail, wholesale, distributor, service, artisan contractors, limited cooking and hotel/motel accounts we write: MORE

Small business owners know they need a strong business plan and equally strong backup plan to be successful. Businessowners Insurance from Providence Mutual is an important part of any good business back up plan. While a Providence Mutual Businessowners Policy (BOP) can’t fill in when your lead assistant goes on vacation, it is right there after a covered loss to help get your company back in operation.

“Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution,” Slater’s Mill in Pawtucket, RI
was first insured by Providence Mutual in 1801.

BOPs afford a large amount of both property and general liability coverage in one policy for a great value. They are designed specifically for the small and Main Street types of business that Providence Mutual likes to write. Offered in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Jersey, your Providence Mutual BOP policy can respond in many situations and can cover damage to your building, your stock or contents, office equipment and documents, and materials on the job. It may pay for medical expenses and bodily injury claims if a customer, tenant, vendor or other person is injured on your property or as the result of your work. It also can protect you from claims of false advertising, negligence, libel or slander.

Providence Mutual’s Businessowners’ policies include Employment Practices Liability (EPL) coverage that can protect you for employment-related actions brought against you by employees, customers or third parties. There are other unique coverage features that provide an overall tremendous value for sole proprietors, LLCs and small corporations.

Many businesses would benefit from the added surety of a Commercial Umbrella Policy. Providence Mutual also offers the convenience of writing your company vehicles at the same time in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Learn about our Business Auto Insurance.