A Great Value -
Renter’s insurance includes protection for theft of and damage to your belongings outside your home.

Covering items in your car, at a hotel on vacation or at the beach, many renters can safeguard their belongings for about 50 cents a day!

How much coverage?
When you estimate the replacement cost of your “stuff”, don’t forget the value of your jewelry, electronics, art, and other things you treasure.

The replacement amount you calculate may help you determine what insurance limit to buy. You may want to purchase insurance to cover valuables beyond the pre-set amount the on the policy.

Everybody owns “stuff” – furniture, clothing, kitchenware, computers, electronics, valuables, etc. Even if you don’t own a residence, you still want to protect your possessions and assets. Renter’s Insurance covers your “stuff”, not the place you’re renting, so the cost is very affordable.

  • Personal property- Whether you rent an apartment or condo, a whole house or part of a house, Renter’s insurance covers your “stuff” against circumstances you can’t control, such as theft, fire or smoke damage, wind, water damage (other than flooding), etc. It offers protection for your belongings, something your landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover. Coverage extends to your property damaged or stolen outside your home as well.
  • Additional Living Expenses – Providence Mutual’s Renter’s Insurance offers you added safeguards if the building in which you’re a tenant is uninhabitable. Our policy can defray temporary hotel costs and food if you can’t live in your building due to a covered loss.
  • Personal Liability – The personal liability section of your policy can provide legal assistance and protection if you are found to be legally responsible for bodily or personal injury or for damage to someone.
  • Medical Payments to Others – If a visitor or guest is injured on your property, this coverage can pay medical expenses for treatment of bodily injury, such as hospitalization, medical and ambulatory costs, and funeral services. Coverage does not include medical payments for injuries to you or household members.

Talk to your independent insurance agent about how inexpensive Renter’s Insurance from Providence Mutual is value and good common sense.