If you own a building that you rent to others, you want to make sure your investment is well-protected. Dwelling Fire insurance policies (insurance for Landlords) can protects an individual property owner from losses related to their rental properties. The basic Dwelling Fire policy covers the building, and there is an option to insure contents on the premises owned by the landlord.

The general Dwelling Fire policy can provide coverage for specific types of losses outlined in the policy such as fire, lightning, explosion, vandalism, etc. Many property owners also purchase liability insurance which can safeguard them from injury or negligence claims by their tenants or other people on their premises. Providence Mutual offers optional coverage that may include for fair rental value of the building units while they cannot be rented due to a covered loss.

Landlord insurance generally does not include any coverage for the personal belongings of any tenants, nor otherwise give any liability insurance or living expenses to those living in the rental property. It also excludes any other business property owned by the landlord and stored on the property, as well as several other terms and conditions that you should discuss with your local independent agent.