What does Homeowners Insurance cover?
There are different Providence Mutual homeowner policies to protect you and your house from a variety of losses.

If you experience a loss covered by the policy, your homeowners insurance can respond in a number of valuable ways. The following is generally included on your Providence Mutual homeowner’s policy.

Control Your Insurance Costs and Risk…
Here are some things to know about your Homeowner’s insurance that can reduce the inconvenience of a claim, and may even save you money on your policy.

The basic Homeowners’ policy limits loss benefits for jewelry, money, silverware, and certain other items.  In most states, Providence Mutual’s Anchor Advantage or Windward Deluxe endorsement.


Homeowners Insurance

“Home is where you hang your hat” - and your clothes, furniture, bed, electronics, food, recreational and relaxation items, valuables, and most of your personal property. It is your security blanket, your refuge, your base of operations, your castle, and the center of your life. You want to properly protect your investment and assets.

Homeowners insurance can cover damage to your residence, additional structures like a garage or shed, and your personal property and belongings. It may reimburse medical expenses and help shield you from legal judgments if you are found responsible for someone being injured on your property. If you can’t live in your house because of damage covered under the policy, it may assist with temporary living expenses. Your policy also may cover the belongings and liability of family members living away at school or in a nursing facility. We may offer other endorsements and coverages to protect against damage to your residence, additional structures like a garage or shed and your personal property. Additional coverages can help shield you from additional exposures in your household. For example, when equipment breaks down, Providence Mutual’s Homeowners Equipment Breakdown coverage can protect your home and appliances from potentially devastating losses.  To experience a potential power surge first hand and learn helpful tips to minimize losses, visit our Homeowners Equipment Breakdown microsite.

Providence Mutual offers a variety of Homeowner policy discounts and credits in each state. Contact your independent agent representing Providence Mutual to see how you can be safely insured with us.

The Stephen Hopkins House in Providence, pictured here, was Policy No. 1295 issued by Providence Mutual.