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What does Car insurance cover?

Car insurance coverage differs by state but, in general, if you have an accident, your Providence Mutual auto policy can protect you, your passengers, others injured, and the vehicles involved.


Do I need all this car insurance?
What type and amount of car insurance to buy can be confusing and there are a lot of differing opinions. The bottom line is…

Without the right coverage and adequate limits, you could incur significant costs to repair a damaged vehicle or pay for injuries to you or others. Is it wise to cut coverage to save a few dollars?


Car insurance for you and your family

We drive the same roads you do, and understand the hazards of snow and ice, congestion, road construction, distracted driving, deer and moose, and other dangers that can cause an accident. We know no one wants to be involved in a serious accident or tries to cause an accident. But accidents happen - every day.

Auto insurance includes three main components of protection. Liability insurance can respond to accidents that cause bodily injury or property damage to others. In certain states, coverage like Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments can assist with medical-related expenses and lost wages to you and those in your car, regardless of fault. Physical damage coverage helps repair or even replace your car in case of an accident, theft or act of vandalism.

Providence Mutual offers you good value, with easy to understand policy coverage and pricing that is also highly competitive. But for most people, car insurance means little until a loss or accident, then it becomes all about the ease, speed, efficiency and fairness with which a company evaluates and settles your claim. Whether you drive a high-end SUV, the family minivan, a practical sedan, or a sporty convertible, Providence Mutual will be there to assist you in getting back on the road quickly, safely, and with the minimum inconvenience possible.