Claim Center

Whether you’ve experienced a minor fender bender, a crack in your windshield or a severe property loss, we know it’s an upsetting time.  That does not mean your claims experience needs to be stressful too.  When you report a claim to us, you can expect us to listen and to respond to your claim with urgency and care. It’s not only our promise. It’s what we’ve been doing for over 200 years.  

According to Thomas Burkart, SCLA, Vice President of Claims (pictured right), “Our claims approach is guided by the promises we make in our policy.  We take these obligations to you seriously.  Our goal is to put your life back on track after a covered loss has occurred.” 

When it comes to insurance companies, no measure is more relevant than the rating of its claims services.  So, how did our policyholders rate ours?   In 2016, 93% of those responding to Customer Service surveys said we either met or exceeded their overall level of service expected.

Like many of our policyholders, many members of our claims staff lived on or near the storm’s path and were personally impacted by its force. But these setbacks did not interfere with our commitments.  We worked around the clock and responded to thousands of claims during evening hours, weekends and even holidays.   A month after Sandy, we had paid and closed 75% of the claims presented.  And, by the end of 2012 - approximately sixty days after the event - over 94% of all storm-related claims had been reviewed, paid and closed.

A policyholder’s home after Super Storm Sandy.

You don’t stay in the insurance business for 217 years without doing the right thing for your policyholders!

Reporting a claim should be easy.  That’s why we offer you several convenient options for you to choose:

  • Call us directly at (877) 763-1800, anytime, 7 days a week
  • Or complete our online Report A New Claim Form
  • Or contact your Independent Insurance Agent. 

For automobile windshield or glass claims, you can schedule repairs immediately using the Auto Glass Claim Interface