President’s Message

The year was 1800 when a group of prosperous individuals gathered together to form a fire society founded on the principles of mutual protection. They pledged their support to protect each other from financial ruin. Thus was the beginning of the Providence Mutual. We take great pride in being one of the oldest mutual insurance companies in the United States. However, that pride comes not from longevity but from remaining true to our mission of assuring financial security to our policyholders throughout the centuries.

Sandra Parrillo testifies before Congress, December, 2011

Our success is based on a number of factors. We honor the promises made in our insurance contracts to protect you and make you whole when tragedy happens. Financial strength and service to our policy holders and agents are hallmarks of our company. As a mutual company we are accountable to you, our policyholder, not investors or stockholders. More than words, Service, Security and Stability, is our pledge to you yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Today, Providence Mutual is a vibrant, growing and financially secure insurance company for our policyholders. Investments in technology and new products and our partnership with customer focused independent agents make us the preferred choice for your insurance needs. With two centuries of proven success, we are well positioned and excited about the future.

Sandra G. Parrillo, CPCU
President and Chief Executive Officer